New Devotional

A New Devotional Composed by … You!

As you will read elsewhere in this month’s newsletter, Calvary was recently awarded a grant that will allow our pastor and congregation to share a sabbatical experience in the summer of 2020. Built around the theme of “Rest, Reflect, and Renew,” the church’s spiritual growth emphasis will include a daily devotional guide written by members of our church family. So, we need your help to put that guide together! These devotionals will use a format like the one found in Open Windows and Reflections: a focal passage of scripture, followed by a brief reflection. You can even include a “suggested prayer” and/or “questions for reflection,” although these are not required. Most important, these devotional thoughts are intended to share your perspectives, hopes and struggles. So, don’t feel like your thoughts aren’t “deep” enough or “well-developed” enough to matter. The best growth happens when all of us offer the gifts and lessons God has given to us so that we can share them with each other.

We are requesting that your devotional thoughts be mailed/delivered to the church office or emailed to the pastor ( by Sunday, November 17. If you need a little something to “jump start your thinking,” a set of starter questions and other instructions can be found in the church information centers. Please join us in praying that God will use this effort to renew our connection to Him.