Music Ministry

Calvary Musicians

Teresa Martin (Minister of Music); Carolyn Greene (Organist); Mary MacCollum (Pianist)

At Calvary, we recognize the power of music to inspire, to challenge, and to plant the truths of God’s Word deep within the human heart. As a result, our music ministry has long been a key part of church life, enriching corporate worship and providing an opportunity for individuals to offer their talents in service to God.

Because Calvary has two distinct worship services – one traditional and one contemporary – there are a variety of ways for people to be involved in music ministry. If you have any questions about these ministries, please contact our Minister of Music, Teresa Martin.

Sanctuary Choir
   (Rehearses Wednesday Nights at 7:15)

The music of our traditional service features congregational hymns and choral anthems sung by the Sanctuary Choir. The choir is comprised entirely of volunteers; so if you like to “make a joyful noise to the Lord,” you are encouraged to participate.

Praise Band
   (Rehearses Thursday Nights at 7:00)

The music of our contemporary service (called Uplift) features praise choruses and other contemporary Christian worship songs. The music is led by our Praise Band, which includes guitars (rhythm, lead and bass), percussion, keyboard and vocalists. In addition, the contemporary service affords opportunities for volunteers to run sound and coordinate visual media in our Audio/Visual Ministry. Because of the unique skills required for these ministries, potential participants must audition.

Handbell Choir
   (Rehearses Sunday Nights at 6:00)

The Calvary Joybells is a three-octave handbell choir that provides music for worship, primarily in the Christmas and Easter seasons. Because the ensemble does not perform frequently, rehearsals are limited to the weeks leading up to an appearance. The group is open to all volunteers; and while the ability to read music is not required, we do appreciate a willingness to learn.

Children’s Music Ministry

Because music plays such a big part in shaping the faith experience of children, we try to make sure that children at Calvary are given frequent opportunities to participate in music ministry. When our Mid-Week Ministry program is in session, children set-aside time each week to participate in a music emphasis led by our Minister of Music. Each Christmas season, children in grades K through 5 prepare and perform a Christmas musical, which takes a lot of work, but which also produces wonderful results.