Digital Giving

Digital Tools for Generous Giving

To make it easier for our members and friends to be generous stewards of God’s gifts, Calvary Baptist is pleased to offer digital giving.

Many people leave their cash and checks at home and choose instead to handle their financial life with debit cards, credit cards, and online banking. While this can be very convenient when making purchases or paying bills, it can also present a challenge for those who wish to be faithful givers at church, where many of these electronic options are unavailable.

But by using our digital tools, you can give at just about any time, anywhere, and in any manner you choose! You can give online through our church website, or you can give through a “giving app” that you install on your smartphone or tablet. Both of these tools provide added flexibility and convenience, and they are protected by the same kind of security used by banks and leading online retailers. But more importantly, they make it easier for us to develop the habit of giving regularly.

Of course, if you’re happy with your current giving practices – you don’t need to change a thing! But if you’d like to know more, select one of the options below to get specific instructions.

How to Give Online
How to Give Using the Mobile App